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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mick Abrahams 1991 All Said And Done

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:04:36
Size: 147,83 MB

United Kingdom

Mick Abrahams' return album, "All Said and Done", is as fine as anything he has ever done. This is an excellent blues album, with fourteen tracks comprised of seven tunes written by Mick (two of which were collaborations with Gordon 'Mississippi' Murphy), two new arrangements of traditional pieces, and five covers of older blues pieces.

The pieces written by Mick are quite good, starting with "Road Roller" which opens the album. Then there is the absolutely fantastic "All Tore Down" which is probably my favorite tune that Mick has ever done. Another noteworthy piece is "Dear Jane" which is very similar to "Dear Jill" from his days in Blodwyn Pig. Another great piece is the title song of the album "All Said and Done", which is one of the two pieces which Gordon Murphy co-wrote.

While Mick's pieces are very strong, one cannot ignore the cover tunes like "Black Night" by Jessie Mae Robinson, "Let Me Love You Baby" by Willie Dixon, and "I Wonder Who" by Alexis Korner. There are also two new arrangements of classic blues pieces. The first is "Billy The Kid" (originally by Reverend Andrew Jenkins), and the second is an amazing 11+ minute version of "Cat's Squirrel" (originally by Charles Isaiah Ross) which has become Mick's signature piece.

On this album, Mick plays with Andy Pyle (bass guitar), Bruce Boardman (piano), Clive Bunker (drums and percussion), Dave Lennox (piano), Dick Heckstall-Smith (sax), Gordon Murphy (sax), Jim Rodford (bass guitar), Nigel Pegrum (drums and percussion), and Pete Fensome (bass guitar). (Dave_42)


01 - Road Roller 03:07

02 - Watch Your Step 03:51

03 - Billy The Kid 03:33

04 - Let Me Love You Baby 03:12

05 - Black Night 06:24

06 - All Tore Down 05:22

07 - Redways Of Milton Keynes 03:59

08 - Long Gone 03:14

09 - Rock Me Right 03:25

10 - So Much Trouble 02:51

11 - Dear Jane 04:00

12 - I Wonder Who 06:56

13 - All Said And Done 03:16

14 - Cats Squirrel 11:26

Mick Abrahams here:


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