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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Red House (Spain) Discographie

Hi Mile

Here I send you the links to all of our albums in spotify:

Red House 1998

01 She Loves me Overtime

02 Crazy Bed

03 The Day the Dream Comes True

04 Sunny Ray

05 Drivin'

06 Right Between The Lies

07 Lovin' on the Telephone

08 Skunked

09 Hooked on the Road

10 Spice in Life

11 Oh Wee

12 Son of Anthony Quinn

Hold On! 2000

01 King-Collins Blues

02 Hold on to the Light

03 On the Road

04 Thumbing for a Ride

05 Running on Back

06 Romancing

07 Love's Divine

08 Big Brown Latin Eyes

09 Heart Made of Stone

10 Lovin' Money Just Can't Buy

Captured Live 2003


01 Drinkin' Whiskey

02 Guitar Delta Tone

03 Crosscut Saw

04 King-Collins Blues

05 On the Road

06 Red House Shuffle

07 Thrill is Gone

08 Undercover Man

09 Drums solo

10 Move it on Over

11 Smokin' Simon


01 Running on Back

02 House on a Hill

03 I'm Ready

04 Hooked on the Road

05 Fishing Blues

06 Too Many Dirty Dishes

07 Drivin'

08 La Plaga / Good Golly Miss Molly

Rattlesnake Road 2007

01 Let the Bluesman Play (part 1)

02 Secret Bluesman

03 Private Eye

04 Rattlesnake Road

05 Let the Bluesman Play (part 2)

06 Black Cat Woman

07 Funky Monkey

08 Over the Border

09 The World That we've Come to Know

10 Welcome to the Unreal World

11 Crossroads

Chihuahua Boogie 2010

01 Philip Marlowe's Blues

02 Tiger's Running Wild

03 Black Cat Bone

04 Took it all Away

05 Blue Lou's Saxophone

06 I Want to be Loved

07 American Way of Life

08 Love's a Looney Toon

09 Red House Rock & Roll

10 Chihuahua Boogie

11 Philip Marlowe's Blues - Instrumental

12 Love's a Looney Toon - Solos

Red House Hits 2012

01 She Loves Me Overtime

02 Crazy Bed

03 The Day the Dream Come True

04 Running on Back

05 Hold on to the Light

06 Lovin' Money Just Can't Buy

07 Guitar Delta Tone

08 Drinkin' Whiskey

09 Rattle Snake Road

10 Secret Bluesman

11 Let the Blues Man Play

12 Black Cat Bone

13 Love's a Looney Toon

14 Chihuahua Boogie

A big thanks to Red House (especially to Daniel who sent me all the links) for supporting SouthernBluesRock.

Actually the band posts all their events in their facebook ( if you want to have a look.

Meet Red House on facebook:

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