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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Devil & Me 2013 Wasteland

During my holidays the band contacted me to check out their new EP. And here it is - all for free! Thanks Trevor!

So I stumbled on your blog and I just spent the last half hour clicking though and enjoying your playlists. But I have another band I feel you might enjoy. The band is called The Devil & Me and we are from the East San Francisco Bay Area. You can check out our music here:
Also our you can check out our facebook here:

Hopefully you enjoy the music and maybe our music can make it to your playlists in the future.

The Devil & Me is an in your face Rock and Roll band with a sound all their own. Drawing from diverse influences and years of musical experience. The Devil & Me is here poised and ready to take the music world by storm.


Tim Drake - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Adam Smith - Drums/Vocals
Trevor Butler - Bass/Vocals
Rafael Soto - Guitar

Get the album for free here:


or visit the band here:


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