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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

John McVey 2013 Meet Me in Houston

John’s friends kid him by saying that every time he writes a fresh piece of work it’s right after he moves. John has moved three times and he has three CD’s. So it was a natural for John to label his latest piece of work “Meet Me In Houston.” The CD was recorded in Ashville, NC on the Artists International label but when you listen to the tunes you know it is about the Bayou City.

When it comes to style John is the first to tell you that he picked up a lick here and another there. However, three places and styles are included on this CD: Delta, Chicago, and Houston and they are all noticeably present. Like most blues men of an early age John mimicked the greats such as Albert Collins. Soon the masters were telling John to start laying down his own sound and he did and has never looked back since he found his own unique style. John has been labeled “the toughest guitar player in Texas” and yet his songs especially the vocals come through crisp and clear on “Meet Me In Houston.” If you listen close the lyrics will give you a big clue about the hurt and pain John came to know on this path we all call life. Just look at the titles, they hint at what you are about to hear.

You simply can’t live a life on the blues highway and come away unscathed. A man once wrote that the blues is a feeling and it is. And if you can’t feel it, you certainly cannot deliver it the right way. John McVey delivers. This collection of music is a defi-nite “been there, done that”. John wrote eight of the twelve tracks including the bonus track, Some came along fast, and yet others took more time. “Meet Me In Houston” is an all telling collection of new blues tunes. Enjoy.


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