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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Garden 2013 Naruhodo

Hi my name is Evan Livingston and I am the lead singer/rhythm guitarist for my band "The Garden". We are from Baltimore, MD and are trying to spread our music around. Our music combines blues, rock, funk, and a little folk music and we are trying to get our music out to people who want to hear it.

I have included a link to our soundcloud and to our youtube channel. I have my degree in Japanese culture language and literature so I try to incorporate my linguistic education to my songwriting approach.

Our song "Naruhodo" uses the Japanese phrase "Naruhodo" as the hook to the chorus. It doesn't directly translate into English but it has the connotation of "Ah, I should've known that.” So the verses go through different stories where the main person's motives always default back to to the fact that they need money above all else. "Ah, I should've known".


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