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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SweetKiss Momma 2014 A Reckoning Is Coming

After an almost 4 year recording hiatus, SweetKiss Momma is back to unleash “A Reckoning Is Coming”, the follow-up to their debut full-length album “Revival Rock” (one of 2010’s best reviewed, and best-selling, independent Southern/Roots Rock albums).

“A Reckoning Is Coming” was recorded with top-notch Nashville producer (and founding member of Wilco) Ken Coomer, and mastered by multi Grammy-winning engineer Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters, John Lennon, Kings Of Leon, The Raconteurs, Uriah Heep, and Robert Plant among many others). This fortuitous rock-n-roll union was set in motion when Coomer, after hearing the band while adjudicating the finals of a songwriting contest being held by John Carter Cash, contacted SKM to see if they would be interested in teaming up with him for their next record. "They are genuine...” says Coomer. “…they write from their big ol’ hearts, without apologizing to anyone.”

The band, along with auxiliary members Dan Walker on keys, and Kim Hamel on additional vocal harmonies, convened with Coomer in late 2012 for week of marathon sessions at the legendary Creative Workshop Studio (home to many gold and platinum recordings, and in it’s heyday, hosting sessions for Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, The Doobie Brothers, and Jimmy Buffet among others). "Our thought was; ‘let's pool all our resources; creatively, emotionally, and physically, and do the absolute best we can’… really approach it as if it could be the last album we ever get to make” said Jeff, “it came out well beyond what we thought we were capable of!” Coomer was also impressed by the music the group cut with him; "…what you will hear are songs and riffs that will stick in your craw for days on end!”

From the fire and coming-down-from-the-mountains stomp of the set's first number "Fix My Hair", it’s clear that this dynamic and richly-rooted outfit is laying the groundwork for a collection of stadium-worthy articulations. The fierce rocking and ominous double-barreled guitar attack of the title track, the searing declaration of "Breathe Rebel", the syncopated shimmy of "Get Some Love", and the down'n'nasty boogie of "Dirty Uncle Deezer" perfectly express the Saturday night swagger inherent to the SweetKiss Momma sound, while tracks like the graceful and affecting lament “Same Old Stories”, and the delicate acoustic instrumental “Laura Rose” serve to illustrate that a balanced fragility may be what truly lies at the core of the band’s soul. The final grace note of the album is an alternate acoustic take of "Breathe Rebel” that seemingly transports you to the late-night front porch jam sessions that one imagines much of their music is birthed from.

The band has noticeably grown since their last effort, employing richer texture and imagery in their music and lyrical content. There is a comfortable cohesion, and undeniable chemistry, as they simply, yet powerfully convey what comes to them naturally.

SweetKiss Momma is:

Aaron Arnold - Guitar
Jeff Hamel - Vocals, Guitar
Jeremy Hamel - Bass
Jimmy Hughs - Drums


01 - Fix My Hair 03:12

02 - A Reckoning Is Coming 03:35

03 - Breathe Rebel 03:44

04 - Same Old Stories 02:51

05 - Get Some Love 03:53

06 - For The Last Time 04:02

07 - Laura Rose 02:43

08 - Dirty Uncle Deezer 05:43

09 - Birthday Cake 01:57

10 - Breathe Rebel (Acoustic) 03:43






Thank you Jeff Hamel for all the information and links!

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