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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gong 1976 Gazeuse!

Review by David Ross Smith

Gazeuse! was the first in a successful line of strictly jazz-rock sessions for percussionist Pierre Moerlen and company -- compositions that stressed jazz more than rock and which generally strayed away from lyrical content. This 1976 recording, also released under the title Expresso, was the band's first completely instrumental album, a companion piece to the later, somewhat warmer Expresso II, which is quite similar in sound and structure. To say Gazeuse! is percussive is an understatement. Drummer Moerlen is accompanied by brother Benoit and Mirielle Bauer on vibraphones with Mino Cinelu playing other assorted percussion.

"Percolations" is a showcase for this foursome: Part one, a display of beautiful vibes and xylophones; part two, a technically superb drum solo. Pierre's playing is fierce in this second part, exhibited by some truly volatile drumming near the close. Allan Holdsworth is the sole guitarist on the album and contributes two of his own compositions. His "Night Illusion" is a standout and reminiscent of Bill Bruford's Feels Good to Me on which Holdsworth collaborated around the same time. Longtime Gong member Didier Malherbe adds spice to the proceedings with jazzy flute on "Shadows Of" and prominent sax on the slightly funky "Esnuria."


01 - Expresso

02 - Night Illusion

03 - Percolations - Part I & Part II

04 - Shadows Of

05 - Esnuria

06 - Mireille

Line-up / Musicians

- Mireille Bauer / marimba, vibraphone, glock, toms
- Allan Holdsworth / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, pedal steel guitar
- Didier Malherbe / Tenor sax, flute
- Benoit Moerlen / vibra
- Pierre Moerlen / drums, glock, vibra, marimba, timpani
- Francis Moze / Fretless bass, gong, acoustic & electric piano


APE Part1 APE Part2 APE Part3

MP3 Mirror

Enjoy the music!

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