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Friday, November 5, 2010

Loyko 1994 Road Of The Gypsies

"LOYKO" for a long time truely belongs to the world's violin elite. Living outside of Russia during 10 years, the "LOYKO" musicians performed and were recorded with such outstanding musicians such as Ronni Wood, "Rolling Stones". The greatest musicians of the century- Eugudi Menuhin and Gedon Kremer had invited "LOKO" multiple times to their concert programs and festivals such as "The World's Best Violinists", where "LOYKO" played with such geniuses as Stephan Grappelli, Ravi Shankar, Dr.Sumbramaniam, Ezma Radzhapova. The famous Austrian director Andre Heller had also invited "LOYKO" to the grandiose show MEGNETEN (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) which the "LOYKO" virtuoses had opened 200 times!

By the opinion of the European Musical critics, "LOYKO", were titled the best group in World Music. In the year 2006 Sergey Erdenko was chosen as one of five best Gypsian musicians (Roma Opre), which had given a few combined concerts in Eastern Europe. "LOYKO" had let out more then 10 solo albums and DVDs in England, Russia, Germany, Belgium and Holland. (official website)


01 - All The Cards

02 - Heyka

03 - Vagabond

04 - Telema

05 - Korobochka

06 - Turn And Spin

07 - Smelka

08 - Kumushka

09 - Road Of The Gypsies

10 - Who Goes There

11 - Brahms

12 - Brothers In Law

13 - Lautary

14 - Gulya

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