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Monday, November 15, 2010

STS 1985 Grenzenlos

The Austrian Crosby, Stills and Nash!

A CD that writes my opinion, world history: STS can be heard in all its facets, with its romantic, critical, lyrical, thoughtful, direct and honest faces. Anyone who likes good music will love this CD: In every song you hear the beautiful sound of Steinbäckers, Timischls respectively Schiffkowitz' acoustic guitars, and occasionally even subtly employed drums, sometimes an electric guitar, a saxophone or a fiddle (!). (Amazon)


01 - Kalt Und Kälter

02 - Gö, Du Bleibst Heut Nacht Bei Mir

03 - Wunder Meiner Seligkeit

04 - Irgendwann Bleib I Dann Dort

05 - Zigeuner

06 - So Frei, Wie Man Sein Kann

07 - Komm

08 - Großvater

09 - Anfach Fort

10 - Herr Lohengrin

Please visit STS - Steinbäcker, Timischl, Schiffkowitz!



Enjoy the music!

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