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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dutch Tilders 1972 Dutch Tilders

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:43
Size: 93,22 MB

Australia Netherlands

For over a decade Dutch Tilders has been singing and playing the blues.

In this time he has gone from strength to strength. When I first met him he had an interest in Big Bill Broonzy. Over the years this has broadened into a deep involvement with the blues. Like all good bluesmen he has absorbed the many facets of the music from the post war electric sounds back to the 'down home' country blues.

This is what we hear on this album. There are influences that recall many of the great blues artists of the past, both well known and obscure. As they did, Dutch has drawn on his backgrounds and over the years, has envolved his own individual style.

The quality of Dutch's music has always been one of his deepest concerns. As his repertoire has grown, so has his own personal approach. A few words added or changed here, a musical phrase altered there, the final result being the emergence of a logical style of the blues performed in the Mississippi, Tennessee and Carolinas tradition.

More than this, Dutch has applied his own life experiences to his music. This is what gives his blues the final conviction that they carry; but then the blues does not lend itself to frauds. His selection of sympathetic musicians to accompany him here is another aspect of the thoroughness of Dutch's approach to the music which he feels so completely.

Here then is Dutch Tilders. Don't ever let him hear you say that the blues are dead or that white men can't sing them.


01 - That's Alright Mama 02:38

02 - I'm Gonna Move 03:26

03 - Crying Won't Make Me Stay 04:44

04 - Chimney Sweep Blues 03:06

05 - We We Baby 03:07

06 - Down And Out 02:49

07 - Whispering 01:09

08 - It Hurts Me Too 02:32

09 - Southbound Train Blues 02:58

10 - Kansas City Blues 02:42

11 - The Sun Goes Down 04:27

12 - Hard To Love A Woman 02:59

13 - Keys To The Highway 03:02

14 - Walk Right In 01:04

Dutch Tilders here:


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