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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mark Cook 2006 Blue Voodoo

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:02:04
Size: 142,02 MB

United States

I currently own all three of Mark Cook's CDs and I simply must say that they are phenomenal. Evolving from An Evening With the Blues to The Promised Highway you are able to detect an evergrowing sense of versitility in Mark's style and capabilities. You begin to sense a wider array of musical talent/instruments as the funk just picks up more and more. Now, on Mark's latest CD, he expresses his ability to fuse rock with jazz in order to create a sensational blues sound with minute sections of funk thrown in here and there. The musicianship expressed and allocated throughout these three remarkable CDs is just mind-boggling.

A prime example would be the ever so popular song, Promised Highway. Right from the get-go an amazingly well orchestrated variety of instruments smash right on to the scene and are led by a basic yet elegant lead guitar played by the infamous Cook himself. As the song plays for the first 2:17 minutes you get a chance to marinate in the wonderful blues of the Cook experience; until 2:18 minutes when out of nowhere a miraculous and extremely well written rock solo bursts onto the scene with much color and flair. How Mark does it...I haven't the vaguest idea. However, the fact that he is capable of delivering such life to his audience through his guitar is a nautral talent that I myself truly admire. (Hunter Modlin)


01 - No One Likes A Good Woman (When She's Down) 05:18

02 - Gonna Fly The Coop 04:35

03 - Moonlight Blues 04:41

04 - Doin' What I Do Best 04:49

05 - At The Brew House 03:44

06 - Back Home To Tennessee 03:31

07 - What Was - Will Never Be 03:54

08 - Blue Voodoo 04:06

09 - Don't Pull Me Down 03:51

10 - In A Funk 03:34

11 - Sunday Afternoon 00:57

12 - Livin' On The Outside 04:36

13 - Gonna Live For Today 04:35

14 - When You're Feelin' The Blues 04:58

15 - Tomorrow's Come And Gone 04:55

Mark Cook here:



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