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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Adam Scone 2002 The Wild New Electric Organ Sounds

Genre: Jazz
Rate: 240 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:13
Size: 67,96 MB

United States

Album Notes

Jazz organist Adam Scone remains true to his art form. Adam feels it is essential to keep the sound of the Hammond B3 organ alive. He has dedicated his life to this task.

On this release Scone explores moods of the Hammond organ that are often left untouched. It is not your typical jazz-organ experience. This record dives into the dark side of the sound and exposes the inner beauty.

Adam Scone, Hammond B-3 Organ
Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Alto Saxophone
Coleman Mellett, Guitar
Ben Dixon, Drums

"This CD is unreal!!! If you feeling mellow, you can kick back to it. If you are feeling pumped you can enjoy the grooves and move a bit. If you just want to appreciate a great sound, this is the CD. This CD is AMBIENCE!!!" (Rob Matthews)


01 - Divine Charity 07:02

02 - Reach For Roach 05:29

03 - Get Salty 04:55

04 - Pay Your Way 04:12

05 - Magic Scones 04:35

06 - Pretty Ladies 06:38

07 - Who's That Drummer 03:58

08 - The Lonely Organist 05:24

Adam Scone here:



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