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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Presence LDN 2014 Ya Ya Pop

Recently formed in 2013, The Presence LDN, fronted by Steve ‘Snips’ Parsons kick off on their Rock n Soul journey with the EP Ya Ya Pop – a 4-track taster of what’s to come from this London based collective of musical talent and personality.

The EP opens with the title track Ya Ya Pop, a no nonsense slice of Rock n Roll that 'doffs its cap' to Primal Scream, The Stooges and like while Steve expresses a deep desire to communicate with the 'King of France' about all things 'party'! Brit Guitar legend Chris Spedding also makes an appearance on the EP and can be heard in all his glory on this gem of a track.

Other tracks include the authoritatively titled Complete History of Soul Music with its bluesy undertones (be sure to check the 'Live in the Bunker' version on the band’s youtube channel). The rockabilly tinged groove of Swirl on which Steve laments on how ‘heaven decided to stay . . .’ and the Lennon inspired Time closes the EP.

Born out of Steve’s previous band King Mob, which featured Glen Matlock and Wilko Johnson, The Presence LDN are also releasing a limited-run vinyl EP SOUL/ROCK that features live versions of Ya Ya Pop, Complete History of Soul Music and other tracks from the band’s upcoming album.

Main man Steve (vocals/guitar) has an enviable pedigree having fronted Cream drummer Ginger Baker’s, Baker Gurvitz Army and The Sharks (with Chris Spedding & Free’s Andy Fraser) back in the day before carving out a successful career in film music composition.

Toshio (bass/vocals) joined the band having picked up Kerrang!’s Best British Newcomers Award with his previous band Slaves To Gravity.

Miri May (vocals/dance) is an artist in her own right, having released psych/pop tracks Five O’Clock World and You Are My Angel on Saturno Records. Meanwhile Gene Clarke (drums) travelled from the other side of the globe to be part of the rock’n’soul explosion.


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