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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elephant's Memory 1972 Elephant's Memory

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:35
Size: 99,75 MB

United States

This is a great, overlooked, hard blues/rock album. Elephant's Memory are probably most known for their work on the flawed John Lennon & Yoko Ono double LP Sometime in New York City. Though John Lennon's earnest but misguided stab at radical Left politics really mar the lyrical content of the album, one thing is certain: Elephant's Memory provide a thumpin' backdrop for it. Songs like "Attica State" and "John Sinclair" groove harder than just about anything else in John Lennon's vast discography.

The sturdy, swaying backing they provide on Some Time in New York City is definitely present on this, their second self-titled album. It opens with one of the best 70s political rock anthems nobody ever heard, "Liberation Special." "Baddest of the Mean" slows things down a bit, and seems headed for doom from the outset, but slowly builds a steady groove, as do most of the tracks that follow. Lead vocalist (and sax player) Stan Bronstein has a good voice, one that foreshadows Dave Vanian of The Damned and Jon Spencer. In fact, "Gypsy Wolf" would fit comfortably on Machine Gun Etiquette. While each member of Elephant's Memory is a competent musician, the band generates its power from the rhythm section of Rick Frank (on drums) and Gary Van Scyoc (on bass). They give each track on this album visceral thump. Produced by John and Yoko (who also contribute backing vocals and guitar on a few tracks), Elephant's Memory will probably generate comparisons to other blues/Southern rock acts like Lynyrd Skynrd and Little Feat. What separates this group from those two is that they are willing to jam, and sacrifice themselves to a groove without necessarily having to rely on the guitar solo as the primary form of boogie-woogie. Elephant's Memory is a gift for any fan of solid rock n' roll. Some might be scared away by the politics of the group, but their ideological leanings are engulfed by the propulsive swing of their music. (Yerblues)


01 - Liberation Special 05:29

02 - Baddest Of The Mean 08:47

03 - Cryin' Blacksheep Blues 04:30

04 - Chuck 'n Bo 04:30

05 - Gypsy Wolf 04:06

06 - Madness 03:16

07 - Life 03:19

08 - Wind Ridge 03:27

09 - Power Boogie 03:59

10 - Local Plastic Ono Band 02:12

Elephant's Memory here:


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Very good Album.

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