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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wild Willie & Big Deal 1999 Tie Up & Jive!

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:41
Size: 95,36 MB


Album Notes
Some people say that good ole' Rock'n Roll never dies.. it just starts to smell funny...

Well, I don't know about the smell, but Wild Willie & Big Deal surely proves that honest Rock'n Roll is still here, and it's going strong!

Some classical tunes from masters like Chuck Berry, Johnny Otis & Everly Brothers mixed with band's own originals is what their latest release, Tie Up & Jive, offers. This package is made just for the parties and for blowing the roof out of your house!

10 years of touring in smoky joints just a step down from the North Pole, in Finland, playing hot rock'n roll for cold blooded eskimos, penguins and polar bears is really the way to cut your teeth.. Wild Willie & Big Deal have made it through, and they have done it with style!

Finally these icemen are breaking out from the freezer and their music (and frantic live performances) is available worldwide.

Get your ticket to the Rock'n Roll -train, but remember... you better hold your hat!


01 - Don't Rock Me 02:57

02 - So Long 03:10

03 - Thirty Days 02:06

04 - What's Up? 03:56

05 - Don't You Lie To Me 02:46

06 - Hog For Your Love 02:16

07 - Bird Dog 03:02

08 - Let Your Love Run To Me 03:25

09 - Hand Jive 03:10

10 - Bad Girl 02:56

11 - Lights Out 01:46

12 - Gotta Rock It 02:56

13 - Shakes Of 99 03:05

14 - Hey Baba Leba 02:29

15 - Gimme A Horse 01:41

Wild Willie & Big Deal here:



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