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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wild Willie & Big Deal 2004 Boogie Station

Genre: Rock
Rate: 215 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:30
Size: 66,30 MB


Album Notes

Wild Willie & Big Deal has done it again! Their previous cd has spread into 17 countries all over the world and independent radio stations have played it to millions of rock-fans. Now it is really time to BOOGIE! The new release BOOGIE STATION has a new fresh approach combined with extremely strong sounds. This band spells for POVER AND ATTITUDE. You can practically hear the adrenaline flowing through the veins of the artists as they spread the gospel of freedom and rock'n'roll!

Boogie Station covers such a wide range of music that it is impossible to cathegorize it. You'll hear rockabilly, youl'll hear rhythm'n'blues, you'll hear country music... but most of all you'll certainly hear the heritage of rocking legends!

Hear the music, drink the adrenaline, listen to the BOOGIE STATION and dive into the river of deep feelings with WILD WILLIE & BIG DEAL!


01 - Wild Willie Is Back In Town 02:04

02 - Turn On Your Radio 03:14

03 - Anybody Home 02:56

04 - Big Black Cadillac 02:10

05 - Marie, Marie 02:09

06 - You're Bad (Down To Your Bone) 04:33

07 - Try Me! 02:09

08 - Running Wild 03:04

09 - Ain't Nobody 04:12

10 - Doctor On The Line 02:33

11 - Pills 02:58

12 - Blue River 03:52

13 - Coolest Cat In Town 02:38

14 - 18 Wheeler 02:34

15 - I Want To Be Free 02:24

Wild Willie & Big Deal here:



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