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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Will Thomas 2003 Live In Copenhagen

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:24
Size: 37,93 MB

United States

In the music world there are so many cliches it's downright obnoxious if you're one of us non-mainstreamers who knows better. When it comes to Southern Rock I think it's time we gave the old school a break, with continued respects, but allow some new blood to continue the tradition and add their names to the history book.

Listening now to " Will Thomas - Live In Copenhagen " for the umpteenth time, I sure know where my vote goes. This epitome of Southern Rock moves me like nothing I've heard in ages. Searing guitars, horns, piano, and a geyser hot rhythm section compliment Will's emotion grit vocals thru this showcase of his fine original music, and one cover.

This is a damn near Jazz Fusion Live Party no Southern Rock lover should be without. Behind the beat you'll find Sequoia Tree deep global roots. From a Swedish fan, to Mexican food in Denmark. From a group of the finest musicians in Scandinavia, to the King of Roots Music, DJ Ray Pieters of Belgium. From Italy, Alabama, to The Lone Star State Of Texas. Invoking the title " Global Southern Rock " to Will Thomas is my conclusion. (Eddie Russell - Country Eastern / Outlaw For Peace / Rainbow Smoke Network)


01 - Cissy Strut 05:43

02 - Alabama Day 04:04

03 - Wait...Again 04:12

04 - Tomorrow Will Be Like Yesterday 03:58

05 - Come My Way 06:11

06 - Girl I Know 08:18

07 - Internet Boogie 04:33

08 - I Ain't About To Fight (Solo) 02:07

09 - Alabama Day (Solo) 02:18

Will Thomas here:



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