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Friday, March 20, 2015

Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Deslauriers 2007 En Duo

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:47
Size: 123,02 MB


Paul Deslauriers is one of the best guitar players alive. He is also a very good singer but it is often overshadowed by his incredible guitar work. Everytime I listen to the CD I notice those slick guitar licks that he often hides in the songs. He's very fast and clean which is something that musicians pick up on right away. He has perfected many guitar styles that range from Folk to Blues to Rock and he has the speed of Heavy Metal players.

Dawn Tyler Watson has a voice like no other. Her range is unbelivable. She can hit those high notes and still go low and rapsy like the oldschool blues singers of yesterday. The CD has solo songs from each artists as well as duos. When they sing together it puts me in the mood of Simon and Garfunkel with the crisp guitar playing and harmonising. Their versons of "Trouble In Mind", "Going To California" and "Homeward Bound" are awesome.

When Dawn Tyler Watson sings "I Will Stand By You" and "Why" (She wrote Why) you feel the emotion in her voice. Paul Deslauriers shows off his voice in "My Old Friend the Blues" which another kick ass song on this CD. The CD does not have a bad song on it.

I would love to see this group get more recognition. They are not well known in America and that is a shame. I discovered them by seeing Paul Deslauriers in a video ad for "Blueberry Guitars" on the internet. After seeing him playing guitar I surfed the net to see "who the hell is this guy" and discovered this CD and more (Both have solo CD's). I hope that I can see them live if they ever tour the US.

This CD has wide appeal. If you like Blues, Folk, Rock, Soul, Country, or even Heavy Metal you will love this CD. Check them out on YouTube and I sure you will buy this CD. (Franke)


01 - I Will Stand By You 03:47

02 - Going To California 03:44

03 - Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long 04:42

04 - Wiggley Fingers 04:37

05 - The Tracks Of My Tears 03:11

06 - Cold Shot 05:54

07 - Boozin' 04:51

08 - Trouble In Mind 02:46

09 - Why 04:40

10 - My Old Friend The Blues 03:06

11 - Shine On Harvest Moon 02:38

12 - Homeward Bound 03:13

13 - Come Together 05:17

14 - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 01:21

Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Deslauriers here:


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