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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dirk Hamilton 1976 You Can Sing On The Left Or Bark On The Right

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:52
Size: 72,52 MB

United States

Review by Jo-Ann Greene

This is a welcome reissue for this sumptuous 1976 set, an album that defines the softer side of the '70s. In fact, in one way or another, You Can Sing on the Left or Bark on the Right showcases the whole spectrum of the rock arena that never quite rocked out.

Here's Bruce Springsteen sneaking out of Asbury Park to skewer the "Little Big-Time Man," there's Bob Dylan reminiscing about a long gone love on "Wasn't That One Night Good," and isn't that the Rolling Stones dancing through "You Can't Always Get What You Want" in "Palova's Shoes"? And it's not just those artists' styles that Dirk Hamilton captures so adroitly, but their vocal inflections and lyrical tweaks to boot. The punchy paean to a vegetarian "She Don't Squash Bugs" pays tribute to Tom Petty, "I Got a Feeling" isn't reggae but regardless is still highly reminiscent of Bob Marley's "Redemption Songs," albeit with orchestral overdubs. And then there are the cross-pollinations, like "Grow a Rose," which sidles up to funk, gospel, and Mink DeVille. "Sweet Forever" grafts Bob Dylan with Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, while "Ridin' on a Whale" bounces exuberantly between Motown and Melanie. Thin Lizzy's "Dancing in the Moonlight" provides inspiration elsewhere, as do the Eagles, Poco, Cat Stevens, and a plethora of other pop-rockers of the day.

If the music is derivative, albeit in a delightfully dizzying way, the lyrics are shockingly unique, their startling visions combined with extraordinarily vivid vignettes create a psychedelic ride of poetic splendor through emotional valleys, wilderness backdrops, and moonlit moments of love. All told, it makes for a quite astonishing set of songs, and with the 2005 reissue, the set is appended by two previously unreleased numbers, the aforementioned "Pavlova's Shoes" and the Van Morrison-flecked "Jokey to a Shakey Hand."


01 - The Sweet Forever 05:33

02 - Waterfall 03:18

03 - Little Big-Time Man 02:35

04 - She Don't Squash Bugs 03:17

05 - I Got To Feelin' 04:46

06 - Sweet And Cold 04:30

07 - Wasn't That One Night Good 03:43

08 - Grow A Rose 03:29

09 - When She Kiss Ya' Like She Love (Ya' Know She Do) 04:46

10 - Ridin' On A Whale 02:39

11 - Joker To A Shakey Hand 03:30

12 - Pavlova Shoes 10:46

Dirk Hamilton here:



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