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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gary B. B. Coleman 1991 Romance Without Finance Is A Nuisance

Genre: Blues
Rate: 247 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:14
Size: 75,41 MB

United States

Review by Alex Henderson

It was no coincidence that Gary Coleman had "BB" in his name. One of Coleman's main influences was B.B. King, and he was happy to acknowledge King's inspiration (although he's also learned a thing or two from Bobby "Blue" Bland, Jimmy Reed and the late Albert Collins). Romance Without Finance underscores the fact that while Coleman may not be the most original artist in the world, his Ichiban output has been consistent and enjoyable.

The singer/electric guitarist's sense of humor serves him quite well on such amusing cuts as "Food Stamp Annie," "If You See My One-Eyed Woman" and "She Ain't Ugly (She Just Don't Look Like Nobody Else)." But he's equally appealing when embracing a somber minor-key groove a la Bland, and "Dealing From the Bottom of the Deck" is a fine example of Coleman's brooding side. Whether Coleman is being remorseful or humorous, this CD was a welcome addition to his catalogue.


01 - She Ain't Ugly (She Just Don't Look Like Nobody Else) 04:05

02 - Don't Give Away That Recipe 04:25

03 - If You See My One-Eyed Woman 04:30

04 - Dealin' From The Bottom Of The Deck 08:49

05 - Romance Without Finance Is A Nuisance 05:01

06 - Food Stamp Annie 04:56

07 - Mr. Chicken Stew 06:02

08 - Mr. B's Frosting (Instrumental) 05:26

Gary B. B.Coleman here:



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