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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pete Vyler 2006 This Is Disaster

Genre: Punk
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:34:38
Size: 63,37 MB


50 years of excess. Rock 'n' Roll is still always alive!! With the initiative of Marc (ex-Sourire Kabyle - headlight group of the French punk Rock 'n' Roll stage of the 15 lasts years) 4 musicians leaving in the South-west of France, rocked by all the currents Rock 'n' Roll seventies and all the Rock 'n' Roll types have creates Pete Vyler, the ultimate group in Montauban town near Toulouse. Without being caught the head and with a good state of mind, like the pleasure of playing and sharing the decibels, this group manufactures for the amateurs of guitar's riffs, a Rock 'n' Roll simple and effective, without concessions. The English texts leaves the crusade against the currents type star academy and all this variety formated for the TV ... With the Vyler's Rock 'n' Roll still not die! (

THIS IS DISASTER is the new hot LP from the band PETE VYLER the rising value of the west French Rock…


01 - Intro 00:52

02 - Pete Vyler 03:24

03 - Up And Down 03:43

04 - Soul Keeper 04:50

05 - People Talk 03:51

06 - All My Feelings 02:35

07 - Sick People 03:44

08 - Plastic Baby 02:41

09 - Wake Up 03:08

10 - Lazy Bastard 02:52

11 - Emptiness 02:58

Pete Vyler here:



Today I received this email:

THX a lot to talk about Pete Vyler band in your blog !! really cool

for your information, we are in the studio to make the Third LP (THIS IS DISASTER is the first) - the second is DOUBLE SPIRAL SNAKE - 2009

more Blues, more SOUTHERNBLUESROCK !! really
with Banjo, harmonica..... & other singer !!

hope U talk about this LP next month !!

so keep connected with US in Twitter or facebook ;-) for example

MANYYYY THX to promote our rocknroll band

have a good rockin' day
Cordialement' Rock

MARC Guitar' Vyler


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