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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swampdawamp 2008 2.0

Genre: Rock
Rate: 141 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:27:51
Size: 31,94 MB

United States

These boys definitely put the ROCK squarely back into "SOUTHERN ROCK" Where in my opinion its been lacking for some time. Try sitting down when "DANCE" comes on the can't & your still up when "FIRE IN THE HOLE" comes on with its infectious chorus of "HEY HEY" & just as quickly as its over "SHOEBOX" kicks in, and just as you think its all over (as this is what us oldies use to call an E.P.) the whole thing starts again with the extended versions.

If you've got $7:00 burning a hole in your wranglers do yourself a favour & buy this record, it actually comes with a guarantee.....GUARANTEED TO KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!!! (Norman Burn)


01 - Dance 03:24

02 - Fire In The Hole 03:45

03 - Shoebox 04:13

04 - Dance (Extended Version) 04:28

05 - Fire In The Hole (Extended Version) 04:53

06 - Shoebox (Extended Version) 07:07

Swampdawamp here:

Ziddu (Accepts parallel downloads! No waiting!!)


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