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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catapilla 1972 Changes

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 125 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:55
Size: 33,80 MB

United Kingdom

The second and sadly last album from Catapilla features only changes in personnel it would seem, as the music is equally as vibrant and interesting as on their debut album - gone are Thierry Reinhardt and Hugh Eaglestone on tenor sax, Dave Taylor on bass, Malcolm Frith on drums, the line-up now featuring new members Ralph Rolinson on organ and electric piano, Carl Wassard on electric bass and Brian Hanson on drums. The sleeve is a die-cutaway design featuring our Catapilla nibbling on a huge lettuce leaf this time. The new sound seems more ordered than on the previous album featuring four long tracks, the same atmospheric sound from Anna Meek, even more so on the first track "Reflections", a rather eerie ethereal piece punctuated with sax solos and featuring some nice Argent style Hammond Organ passages, and finishes with a very atmospheric vocal from Anna ;

"In the eye, I saw myself...In the heart of the river was reflected,In the eye, I saw myself...In the heart of the river was reflected, a hole,of liquid movement...of liquid movement...of liquid movement...In the eye that made moves,he saw himself...In the heart of the river was reflected,In the heart of the river was reflected,on the movement,rain, hole, a river...".

The next track "Charing Cross" comments on the social climate found on the London Underground, is characteristically reverberating, the track begins in a slow atmospheric mood then breaks into a fast rock groove which leads into a Floydian style guitar solo; "Cross-legged in the corners,in the Underground,in the Underground,the train moves,the train goes,Eyes cross directions,Eyes cross directions,they sympathize,they sympathize,beneath...beneath..."..... "Trouble in your eyes,awakes cool to my eyes, sources found after searching round. Up the tunnels Up the tunnels same on the plain part direct after time forth, the first time, the last buffet beneath...beneath..."

..... it's really not that gloomy on the good ol' toob!

Side 2's strangely titled "Thank Christ for George" is a very phsychedelically influenced sounding track, a twelve minute hypnotic groove punctuated by some wah wah fuzz guitar, leading into a Jazz Rock rhythm supported by characteristically mysterious and gloomy vocals from Anna Meek and an eerie sax solo;

"Her remains, men in some tomb,he hands off a last light.I heard a clinchedmeans words you fenced with,to protect. An image,liberally coiled,around him.He started to tenderly unfold. She failed,at least she learned. He knows a restricted silenced tune. Drifting to you at night,start right. An image,carefully foiled,around him."

The last song on the album, a moody instrumental "It Could Only Happen to Me" begins with a solo sax and electric guitar, building into a rather repetitive theme, played at different keys, it includes a good Gilmour style guitar solo but is a rather an unremarkable end to a great album, which pairs with the first one perfectly - you really need both in your collection! (mystic fred)


01 - Reflections 12:13

02 - Charling Cross 06:47

03 - Thank Christ For Geroge 12:10

04 - If Could Only Happen To Me 06:45

Catapilla here:


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