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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project BrundleFly 2013 Lumberjack Joe

Project BrundleFly was formed on a dark and stormy night when four musical talents each from a very different backgrounds in the world of music came together to start building melodies around the lyrics that Jerry G had written. Not long, after a fifth member was added to the band finally making us complete. The sounds that were created in the very first 10 minutes of the practice exceeded their expectations. The band knew they had clicked together like the last five pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.



Jerry G has been in the Blues scene from a very young age, listening to it on an A.M. radio in the 1970`s he heard a song by Slim Harpo called “Shake Your Hips” at hearing the harmonica wailing he knew this would be the only instrument for him. Self-taught until the age of 16 he knew it was time to advance, he sought out local harp legend Mean Gene Harmonica Machine who ran a coffee shop on Long Island. He learned about the masters of the harp and how to follow in their path. A few years later in a Blues club in Manhattan he went to go see a ”Satan and Adam” show, Adam being the genius harmonica player agreed to give him lessons, Jerry was in Harlem for his lessons for a short time but managed to pick up the skills he needed to start playing in the Blues clubs in Manhattan and the surrounding area. Some years later and now living in Norway Jerry had met a fellow musician at a jam, they decided that a band would be formed called SIxTIP. Many concerts later the time to start a different band to get the book full of songs written by Jerry out there was finally here, Project BrundleFly was born..


At the ripe old age two years old Lars began playing piano, upon listening the the old recordings saved by his mother he realized he was playing rhythm and lead, this is where his musical history started. His influences are rooted in the Beatles and Classical music which caused him to want to master a variety of different instruments. By the age of seven he was well underway on studying the drums, rhythms and techniques. Incidentally the drums followed him his whole life and have lead him to being the drummer in Project BrundleFly. By the age of ten, Lars began playing guitar only a few years after that he picked up bass guitar and all the while he managed to keep up on his piano playing. By the time Lars was in school he was already in his first band this lead him to play in “Questor” an 80`s style heavy metal band. When the time came to enter Military even the strict orderly life of the army could not hold back the music Lars was compelled to produce. He discovered synth and orchestral type sounds and worked on much music during his time serving. He has continued to build a home studio from the ground up for many years adding and advancing as technology allows, this is the place where an array of different music comes from. his influences include Simon Phillips of Toto, Mike Portnoy of Dream theater, Hans Zimmer and John Williams the list goes on. We are lucky to have Lars as the Drummer, Background vocals and co producer of Project BrundleFly.


Karoline came to Norway after spending a lifetime in Poland. She is the Bassist for Project BrundleFly but she is ironically a classically trained pianist. She applied herself and spent seven years studying music in the “Music School of Szczecin”. Listening to Mike Pocaro from the band “Toto” and a major influence to her prompted Karolina to pick up a bass guitar and start to learn how to play. At a lightning rate she learned to play in only the last few years, she then started to play in a jam band which lead to her discovery to Project BrundleFly.


At 9 years old Kenneth had already picked up a guitar and was well on his way to a lifetime of riveting solos and melodic guitar playing. Now at the age of 34 he has a rich history in the music scene. After the release of an EP a full length album had been released with the Black Metal band “Grievance” in the late nineteen nineties. Since then Kenneth has played in the band “Mohawk” but during his time on and off the stage he has maintained many hours in his home studio Producing a wide variety of music. He is influenced by Jazz to Hard Rock and this is evident in the guitar sounds he produces for P.B.F. An album that truly influenced him and is his favorite is”Amused to Death” by Roger waters. As the lead guitarist and background vocalist as well as producer for Project BrundleFly Kenneth is a valued member of the band.


Searching for a singer was no easy task for Project BrundleFly, after much grueling research, a coworker just happened to tell me her cousin was a musician/singer, a phone call and a good conversation later we knew who the right musician was for us...Steffen Hissingby is the last and final member to enter the gates of Project BrundleFly. He is the youngest member yet his musical experience is that of an old bluesman singing his soulful heart out in the deep south of Mississippi. Steffen has played music alongside many great musicians in Norway and has even had a jam session with a couple of the members of Deep Purple, Roger Glover and Don Airey. As the lead singer for Project BrundleFly Steffen will rock out the audience with his voice, he is self taught and sings straight from the liver. Steffen might pick up a guitar or a bass or even sit in on drums at a Project BrundleFly concert as he know how to play them all. He has many influences, some of these include Bruce Springsteen, John Hiatt, Warren Zevon, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. Project BrundleFly is proud to have Steffen in the band!

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