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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Humble Pie 1974 Thunderbox

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:06
Size: 100,92 MB

United Kingdom

This incredible album was, for me, the pinnacle of Humble Pie's career. A clean crisp production coupled with Steve Marriot's voice at the top of his game makes for a true masterpiece of 70's blues rock. There's not a weak track on the record. From the moment it starts with the powerful "Thunderbox" until the end with "Oh La De Da", the album motors through with emotion, grace and swagger. While the boys do a few interesting covers on this record, like "Can't Stand the Rain", "Drift Away" and "No Money Down", it's the originals, like "Every Single Day", Ninety-Nine Pounds", "Rally with Ali" "No Way" and the aforementioned "Thunderbox" that really make the album move. "Groovin with Jesus" and "Dont Worry, Be Happy" are two other funky tunes that seem to jam on the same backbeat. One almost seems like a reprise of the other.

Overall, if you are interested in picking up a great, well produced and fun effort by the Pie, you can not go wrong with this collection. (T. DaPrato)


01 - Thunderbox 05:21

02 - Groovin' With Jesus 02:19

03 - I Can't Stand The Rain 04:19

04 - Anna (Go To Him) 03:46

05 - No Way 02:50

06 - Rally With Ali 02:52

07 - Don't Worry, Be Happy 03:01

08 - Ninety-Nine Pounds 02:49

09 - Every Single Day 03:51

10 - No Money Down 04:26

11 - Drift Away 03:57

12 - Oh La-De-Da 04:35

Humble Pie here:



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