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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nuno Mindelis 2006 Apresenta Outros Nunos

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:55
Size: 121,05 MB

Angola Brazil

This is the Nuno Mindelis project I have been waiting for. This is a radical departure from the wonderful 12 Hours CD. All the songs are in Portuguese this time, and the styles wander from track to track. Not to worry, there are blues influences to be found -- and much more. Nuno's playing is tasteful throughout, whatever the genre, and the lyrics of the self-penned songs are pure Nuno. Tenho Medo is funny and clever, the acoustic Sao Paulo is simply gorgeous. On the track Siglas (Acronyms) Nuno sounds like he's doing Polish Hip Hop. Check out the lyrics. Chove Chuva? Be there.

Even if you don't know a word of Portuguese, if you love Nuno, you will want this CD. Every track will be a surprise for you, and as others have noted, Nuno Mindelis knows how to put together a coherent whole. My only regret is that before you know it the CD is over, and you are wanting more. If you've never heard Nuno, you can't go wrong with this CD. (Jim Quist)


01 - Tenho Medo 04:45

02 - Mas Que Nada 04:11

03 - Rei Dos Animais 04:18

04 - Se Eu Fosse Um Dia O Teu Olhar 04:53

05 - Como Dois Animais 05:00

06 - Gosto De Jeito 04:41

07 - Siglas 01:16

08 - Nunca Se Esqueca 05:08

09 - Chove Chuva 04:03

10 - Bossa Folk 01:45

11 - Sao Paulo 04:22

12 - Nao Me Diga Nunca Mais 04:09

13 - Fica Para O Proximo Disco 04:24

Nuno Mindelis here:


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