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Monday, December 16, 2013

Roadhouse Band 1982 Let It Shine

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 256 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:45
Size: 60,64 MB

United States

When you live in Las Vegas, people visit you all the time. Once they get here, they just know that you're going to treat them to all the best things this famous city has to offer. They're right; locals do know where to go. When visitors want casinos, we take them to the Horseshoe or Sam's Town. When they ask for the best Las Vegas show, we make reservations for Sinatra. And when they are ready for the best rock and roll in town, we head for the Roadhouse.

Something of a legend in this tradition-short city, the Roadhouse band has been at the top of the often fickle Vegas rock scene for years now. Through it all, RH has built a well-deserved reputation for unvarnished, no compromise rock in a blast, what-have-you-done-lately community.

Included in this album is the best and the latest from Roadhouse, the fruition of countless hours in the studio and on the bandstand, the outgrowth of a thousand musical ideas and years of plain old dues-paying.

If I were you, I'd buy two of these records. Buy one to wear out at parties or on Tuesday nights when you need a lift. Purchase the other to keep as a collector's item and investment once Roadhouse goes national, which at this point is really just a matter of time.

But don't waste any more time reading liner notes. Take this sucker out, put it on the turntable, turn the volume up and let it shine. You've stopped at the place Las Vegans stop for rock. You're parked at the Roadhouse. (Peter Malik, Editor, Las Vegas Scene Magazine)


Reese Jones - guitar, vocals
Marcus Salomon - guitar, congas, vocals
J.C.Snyder - keyboards, guitar
Nick Guerrero - bass, vocals
Robert Potesak - drums
Rick Walker - harp, vocals


01 - I'm Feeling Fine 03:09

02 - Rock The Night Away 03:39

03 - Boogie 03:04

04 - Your Wear It Well 03:03

05 - Don't You Love Her 02:38

06 - Time With You 04:18

07 - Riders In The Night 03:05

08 - Straight City Boys 03:16

09 - You 03:48

10 - In The Country 03:45

Roadhouse Band here:


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