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Saturday, December 28, 2013

U. P. Wilson 1995 This Is U. P. Wilson

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:19
Size: 101,42 MB

United States


Now this is great. The second U.P. Wilson album in less than one year. Finally, a record label has recognized just how talented this man is and has set out to make some serious recordings. It's long overdue.

If you already have U.P.'s first album on JSP, you'll immediately notice some big differences. This album is much more of an off the cuff, live in the studio affair. According to U.P, "Most of these songs came right from my head. I went in with a few notes but mostly it was just do it as it comes out. We didn't go in with many plans. Seems like that messes me around. I didn't take no long period of time trying to cook up nothing. We had a real nice time cutting this one. More of a party than work". U.P. also handles all the vocal duties, most of the time in falsetto. Now that may be an unusual approach, but it's one that seems to work. U.P.'s explanation? "I just wanted to try something new."

One thing that U.P. continues from his first JSP effort is to feature lots of fine Fort Worth musicians. "I try to think about everybody. Some of these guys have never had the chance to be on a recording. I try to help any way I can to try to get them some recognition." It certainly seems to work because Alanda Williams and the Soul Kings who supported U.P. on his first JSP outing, will soon have their own CD on the label.

There is an extremely rich pool of talented blues musicians in Fort Worth/Dallas and dozens of weekly jam sessions where they come together. Drummer Steve Meek, who helped produce this session, publishes a monthly magazine that covers the jam scene around the area. Between Meek and U.P. they were able to pull together some very talented players for this recording. "If you're a true musician you can fall right in the slot and do your job. That's how we picked the guys for this session. They're all pros", says U.P. The goal was to produce a jam session just like you hear in numerous blues clubs all over North Texas.

The musicians on this recording include a bunch of folks who are well known locally but are complete unknowns outside of DFW. Tone Sommer plays guitar behind another Forth Worth stalwart, Robert Ealey, and is featured on several CD's on the Dallas based Topcat label and a new one on Stark Records. Holland K. Smith fronts a tough Texas three piece called the Terraplane Blues Band. They don't have any recordings out yet, but it's just a matter of time. Jeff "hot hands" Denny has played keyboards with a number of local groups, most recently the Janna Tallant Band. He often picks up his keyboard and plays it in the air, a stage technique that fits right in with U.P.'s well known one-handed antics. Herb Abbs is a popular Dallas base player who often sits in with Tutu Jones. Carl "Mr. C." Smeet adds some nasty after hours sax to the mix. Harp player Dave Jeffery is the bartender and booking agent for one of Fort Worth's favourite clubs, J. & J. Blues Bar. Thanks to (J.P. this is his first appearance on any recording. Don Lange is also the "Mr. D." credited on U.P.'s Boogie Boy CD.

A decided departure for U.P. is the duo tune with Tone Summer. While his sound is almost always very urban, there is a country blues flavour to this song. "Me and Tone kind of cooked that up," says U.P. "I have never had any slide guitar on any of my albums so I thought we'd try that. I still want to do some acoustic, we just didn't get around to that this trip. Maybe next time!"

When I asked U.P. if there was anything he wanted to say in the liner notes, he replied: "I hope my fans enjoy this one and I want them to know I got some more good stuff hanging in the air. Keep on the lookout 'cos U.P. Wilson's on the move!" I suspect you'll be moving around yourself soon as you get this CD in your player. (Don O, KNON FM, Dallas, Texas)


01 - Hold On Baby 03:51

02 - Boots And Shoes 03:55

03 - Bad Luck And Trouble 05:11

04 - You're One Woman 05:08

05 - Changes 04:48

06 - Go Home With Me 03:30

07 - Hold Me 04:21

08 - Peaches 05:36

09 - Used To Be Mine 03:21

10 - Fool For You 04:38

U. P. Wilson here:


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