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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Robi Zonca & His Band 2007 Rebel!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:36
Size: 90,64 MB


Album Notes

Recorded in 2006 on two continents; North America & Europe- specifically in the New York City area, and Milano, Italy, with the devoted dedication, commitment, and outstanding contribution of many gifted musicians from both the U.S.A. and Italy, including world renowned musicians like the legendary drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie (who is arguably the most recorded musician in modern day music history,) plus Jerry and Jimmy Vivino (The Vivino Brothers Band & the nationally syndicated Conan O’Brien TV Show,) and last but not least- Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame/New Orleans blues legend and singer- Big Luther Kent, all make outstanding guest appearances on Zonca’s latest offering “Rebel!”

Zonca’s music is known for the exciting and unpredictable arrangements, and his entire band, Antonello"Jantoman"Aguzzi on keyboards,Stefano Galli on guitar,Paolo Legramandi on bass and Marco Sacchitella on drums, is up to the task of crafting a very unique sound providing the perfect backdrop for Robi’s compositions which regularly take dynamic twists and turns throughout this recording, showing yet another dramatic step forward in the evolution of Zonca’s music, in this third chapter of Robi’s studio recorded music.

Appropriately “Rebel!” starts out with Robi’s nod to New York with “New York City Blues,” followed by the title track (also composted by Zonca,) which were both recorded in New York with special guests; the Vivino’s and Bernard Purdie. The gorgeous “Hey Man” composed by Zonca & Stefano Galli’s flows perfectly creating a delightful mood for “Rebel!”

Next it’s blues time with Big Luther Kent reunited again with Zonca, on the B.B. King/Jules Taub classic “Woke Up This Morning” which shows off the powerful vocals of Luther Kent which meld perfectly with Zonca’s Italian band. There is one other cover that being John Lennon’s “Instant Karma.” Lennon has always been and will probably remain one of Zonca’s deepest musical influences, so it’s no surprise that “Instant Karma” makes its appearance on “Rebel!”

Other standout tracks are all penned by Zonca, that being “Wait For Me, “Please Policeman,” “Tonight is the Night,” and the “Man I Am.”

The other two tracks that were recorded in the USA with the Vivino’s & Purdie are “You Got to Get Closer,” and “Brown Panther,” the later being a instrumental gem that closes this very fine recording, which has extremely catchy changes, nice guitar work from both Zonca & Jimmy Vivino, plus brother Jerry’s tenor, Purdie is right up front in the mix and truly propels this very cool and hip tune. Be sure to checkout the musicians dialog at the end of the tune, where you hear Robi, Paolo, Jerry & Jimmy Vivino, and Purdie shucking and jiving comments.

So there you have it, Robi Zonca’s 2007 offering “Rebel! Here is to looking forward to many more recordings from this very talented and unique recording artist- Robi Zonca. (Bob Putignano - President of New York City Blues&Jazz Society )


01 - New York City Blues 04:14

02 - Rebel! 05:54

03 - Hey Man 05:25

04 - Woke Up This Morning 03:28

05 - C'mon Baby 06:18

06 - Instant Karma 04:48

07 - I Got You 03:49

08 - Wait For Me 03:26

09 - You Got To Get Closer 04:30

10 - Please Policeman 03:21

11 - Tonight Is The Night 03:48

12 - The Man I Am 03:05

13 - Brown Panther 04:30

Robi Zonca & His Band here:



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