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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Agustin Haro 2014 The Old Me

Agustin offered his brand new album in my shoutbox. You can download the complete album for free from his bandcamp: Thank you very much for this offer! (ATENCION/ATENTION: Debido a los pocos creditos de descarga gratuita, me veo obligado a pasar la descarga del disco a pago, pero ustedes pueden poner 0 y que sea gratuita la descarga. - Due lower free download credits, I have to turn the album to pay, but you can put 0 and make the download free!)

Un album con temas sueltos nunca publicados, otros antiguos, otros nuevos, y una pista bonus que pueden descubrir si descargan el disco


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Agustin Haro said...

Thank you very much Mile!

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