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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Kyla Brox Band 2004 Coming Home

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:39
Size: 132,04 MB

United Kingdom

This realises the promise of Window by adding an extra ingredient: the groove. it's a groove that comes from constant work with an active working band. Saxophonist Tony Marshall and Marshall Gill, a guitarist from the BB King school of searing sweetness, fulfil most of the solo honours. Bassist Danny Blomeley and drummer Phil Considine are veterans of Victor's 'child slavery band'. And what a tight unit they are, personally and musically (groove triumphs over song on Won't Fit There). Twelve out of the 14 selections are Kyla co-writes or originate from within the Brox circle (Victor is responsible for Working On Your Love; incidentally, brother Sam is producer).

Coming Home displays an empathetic Kyla, working out the work/life balance (She Knows) or her issues of self-doubt (Things I'd Change, Guilty), but also a tougher Kyla. This means that all the raunch is concentrated in one song, Do I Move You (a smouldering Nina Simone number), which actually intensifies the impact. The other cover, Don't Change Horses, is a real find. Rescued from the back-catalogue of seventies West Coast funksters Tower of Power, the song is a certified show-stopper, mixing real emotion (a plea for a second chance) with outrageous showmanship ("Giddy up, hi ho Silver…"). And, with the Blomeley/Considine rhythm team piling on the coal, it builds up a fine head of steam. If Don't Change Horses represents the zenith of the Kyla Brox Band, then Working On Your Love demonstrates the latent strength of the Kyla Brox Duo, with Kyla and Danny giving an object lesson in how less is more. (


01 - She Knows 03:49

02 - Coming Home 03:55

03 - Do I Move You 03:47

04 - It's On 02:55

05 - Working On Your Love 05:42

06 - Too Young To Care 03:17

07 - Guilty 02:31

08 - Won't Fit There 04:09

09 - Stargazing 03:44

10 - Just For Then 03:45

11 - Things I'd Change 03:57

12 - Keep On Criticising 03:18

13 - It's Understood 06:15

14 - Don't Change Horses 06:35

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