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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze 2001 Blowin Down The House

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:33
Size: 105,47 MB

United States

Containing a mix of tracks penned by Kim Wilson, Ron Pizza, Sonny Boy Williams, Wally "Sweet Daddy" Greaney" and a few others this album is one for you harp lovers. Produced in a live environment at "Theodore's Night Club" in Springfield, MA it contains a simple mix that comes off well without the usual background noise of a live album.

Although the group is only four strong (one guitarist, one drummer, one Bass player and a Harpist) they kick. These boys provide a wide variety in the material presented. Material which run from a clipping jump blues, through a few solid shuffles to and beyond a Texas Style Driven Jump Blues. Although they are good they could be even better if they'd add a keyboard in to sort of fill in the bottom. But the lack of this instrument is not a major problem. No in fact I found multiple tracks that I liked not just for their listening but to play for a dance crowd. The tracks that I'd classify in that category would be Track 2 "Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You". A solid shuffle with the entire traditional groove one wants to find in a harp based group. Track 4 entitled "He Loved the Blues" is another strong shuffle with a harp bridge that will raise you to heaven. Another track that has interesting musical interplay is Track 8 entitled "Hook". It's introduction is reminis! cent of the intro to "The Pink Panther Theme" and uses cymbals, drum kicks paired with breaks to get your attention before running head long into a Jump Blues line that breaks with a return to the cymbals and kick drums. All of which lead to a really cool listen.

On the "Ole Give It To Mikey, He'll Play It Rating Scale" this one is a solid B. It ranks there because it is above average for a live production. But from time to time its feel is hollow and a need for other instruments is apparent. If these guys pull in that other player they will be something to give a listen to. Availability should not be a problem but if so check out "Cool Daddy's" site at (© 2001 by Michael Roberts)


01 - Chicken Boogie 03:17

02 - Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You 05:34

03 - Cross Cut Saw 05:53

04 - He Loved The Blues 03:30

05 - Evil 05:28

06 - Somebody 06:00

07 - Teach Me How To Love You 02:30

08 - Hook 03:56

09 - Boogie Man 05:09

10 - Party All Alone 06:14

11 - Sweet Tooth Mama 04:11

12 - Cross My Heart 05:51

Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze here:


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