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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Matti Norlin 2002 Slidin Out

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:43
Size: 57,32 MB


Crazy. This guy is crazy. See (hear) what his guitar is put up to! Matti Norlin? I didn't know until a friend of mine mails me this CD. Crazy about guitar, this Matti Norlin sure is!

I don't know why, I didn't play the CD right away. It stayed there, on the living room table, scoffing at me with its title: Slidin' Out. And then I put it in the player ... and ... it exploded!

"What I like the most of playing in different tunings is that most of the time I don't know which notes I play". This is what Matti says in the liner notes. The first number, Not Allowed, tells it all: it tousles one's hair with the slide! And everything that follows is of the same kind, even if the beat (sometimes) slows down. In addition to the furious slide (Groovin' for instance), Matti Norlin also plays a breathtaking finger picking (Cool Down is a good sample of it). Slidin' Out is a tune "hard to play, especially since I tend to play it fast". oh yeah??!! But amongst those 14 songs (all originals), there are a few moments of relative respite, with pure jewels such as Rooftop Jive or This Day Will Never Return.

Recorded in Stockholm (didn't I tell you? Matti Norlin is swedish) in his own flat, alone with his guitars (6 and 12 strings, National, banjo) and his stomping foot as a rhythm section, you alredy have understood this CD is a little chef d'ouvre of acoustic guitar.


01 - Not Allowed 04:23

02 - Distant As A Star 03:51

03 - Groovin 02:17

04 - Cool Down 03:04

05 - Slidin' Out 03:32

06 - Lack Of Knowledge 02:52

07 - Rooftop Jive 00:50

08 - Midnight Drive 01:55

09 - Forgive Me 02:42

10 - This Day Will Never Return 03:52

11 - Sweet Angel 02:50

12 - Sugar 02:26

13 - Torture Of Silence 04:37

14 - Empty 02:32

Matti Norlin here:



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