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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jackie Venson 2014 Real Love (Video)

Austin-born soul/R&B singer-songwriter Jackie Venson is gradually bubbling up under the radar with her self-produced online music sessions called Truth in Music. Started just over a year ago, Venson releases a new video each month featuring a new original song, showing her incredible versatility and depth of musicality as a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and pianist.

This month, Venson has released her video for "Real Love" which is Episode 6 in Season 2 of the Truth in Music series. Featuring only Jackie on guitar and vocals, and Rich Baur on percussion, the song offers and immense amount of instrumental depth. The video is filmed as a live performance inside the studio where the song was recorded and showcases Jackie's guitar skills as she shreds multiple guitar solos throughout the piece.

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