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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mary Flower 2000 Blues Jubilee

Genre: Blues
Rate: 241 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:47
Size: 71,22 MB

United States

Review by Bruce Eder

This record will probably be found in the folk section of your store, but don't let that fool you -- it's a dazzling piece of modern acoustic blues, with its feet in the '90s and the '30s and no stretch evident.

Flower covers Scrapper Blackwell's "Memphis Town," and Memphis Minnie's "Me and My Chauffeur Blues," and, most impressively, Robert Johnson's "Walking Blues" and Blind Lemon Jefferson's "Six White Horses" (which, in a fairer reality, would be the single off this album). Her playing, backed by Steve James, is dexterous and punchy, with some beautiful and subtle flourishes (Scrapper Blackwell will come to mind), and her singing is hard and deep, with none of the softness that normally betrays folkies who try to go this route. Her originals are strong, too, with "Long-Legged Daddy" the standout. She's a blueswoman and she means it.


01 - Memphis Town 03:22

02 - Drown In My Own Tears 04:48

03 - Me And My Chauffeur Blues 03:22

04 - Six White Horses 04:03

05 - Broke Down Automobile 03:33

06 - Carroll County Shuffle 02:26

07 - Walking Blues 04:02

08 - Long-Legged Daddy 03:08

09 - Wing And A Prayer 03:24

10 - Jane, Jane 02:33

11 - Fool's Paradise 03:22

12 - Michigan Water 03:08

13 - Hymn 01:36

Mary Flower here:


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