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Monday, March 21, 2011

Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia 1991 Breathless

Genre: Jazz
Rate: 257 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:20
Size: 109,89 MB

United Kingdom

"This album was conceived as a series of street moods, hence the titles, short, to the point, and reminiscent of typical street slang... Listening to "Bad Blues", you have to imagine the large metropolis in the early hours with neon lights glimmering off wet pavements an the night people going about their business... "Sax Rap" features Barbara's original talking saxophone, instead of the more romance amidst the chaos of the city... "You must Be Jokin'" is a piece based on a typically English phrase, and dedicated to Ronnie Scott, his incredibly funny jokes and his internationally famous Jazz Club in the heart of London's Soho... where you would probably sit sipping that long cool drink while tapping your toes to "Jaunty"... "Cheeky" mirrors the bright costumes and festive atmosphere of any big City's Carnival week... "Squiffy" reflects the feeling of being high on anything that turns you on... "Gracey" is both graceful and folky, yearning for the neauty and peace so hard to find in the concrete jungle... from the CD cover


01 - Breathless 09:24

02 - Sax Rap 06:46

03 - Jaunty 04:12

04 - You Must Be Jokin 06:01

05 - Squiffy 06:57

06 - Bad Blues 03:33

07 - Cheeky 06:35

08 - Gracey 06:23

09 - Breathless (Short Cut) 03:52

10 - Sax Rap (Short Cut) 04:19

11 - Cheeky (Short Cut) 03:18

Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia here:

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