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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TEX 1991 One More Night

Genre: Blues
Rate: 240 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:21
Size: 96,20 MB


Some info over the band:

TEX is a power trio with a long musical experience.In 1975, Marc LIBRECHT (Guitars/Vocals), living in Mouscron, Belgium, forms MARBLE ARCH, a rock-band who will be touring mostly in France during eleven years, playing support act for bands like SCORPIONS / TRUST / MANFRED MAN and even the frenchman Alain BASHUNG. Two 45T are recorded during this period, including "I need a woman".

In 1986, MARBLE ARCH splits. Marc begins writing new songs back to the roots, with a strong blues influence.

At the end of 1987 , he decides to rise up a new band with the only purpose to play the music he likes most : THE BLUES ! A bass player and a drummer join the band : TEX is born !

With a playlist composed of half-covers, half-personal songs, TEX hits the scene for the first time in the "braderie de LILLE" in september 1987. Then the group starts playing everywhere, but mostly in bars, making up a strong reputation of LIVE BAND at both sides of the French/Belgian frontier.
TEX plays bleeding BOOGIE BLUES, with evident influences from Texas as people like STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, JOHNNY WINTER, and other bands like JIMI HENDRIX, RORY GALLAGHER, BB KING or ERIC CLAPTON.

In 1991, the band makes a deal with a new belgian blues label: TIGHT & JUICY, distributed by CNR. The first CD "ONE MORE NIGHT" comes out in December 1991: 15 songs written by Marc and produced by FRANK VAN RAMPELBERG.

Year 1992 confirms TEX as one of the leading blues bands in Belgium, what is obviously demonstrated by the big amount of gigs and support acts that TEX has to perform. TEX has opened for people like BIG JOE LOUIS, BLUES AND TROUBLE, SCREAMING JAY HAWKINS, ELLIOT MURPHY, LUTHER ALLISON, NINE BELOW ZERO, PATRICK VERBEKE, THE BLUBINOS, MAXWELL STREET, JIMMY DAVIS, EDDIE KIRKLAND, ANSON FUNDERBURGH, DAVE HOLE and even the living legends JOHNNY WINTER and JOHN MAYALL!

At the end of 1992, TEX goes back to the studio to bring up the second CD "HOT & BLUE" in April 1993: 16 personal songs from Marc and one cover from the SCABS.

1993 is a good year for the band: festival of PEER (the biggest blues festival in Belgium), opening for ALBERT COLLINS and JEFF HEALEY, and the festival of Ecaussines, opening for Buddy Guy!

The third album recorded in July 1994 comes out in December 1994 with fourteen original numbers. The title of the CD "Boogieland" is referring to the big amount of gigs performed in this little country named Belgium.

In 1994, TEX plays support act for ALVIN LEE in Le Havre (France) at the "Volcan".

"Voodoo Hours", a mini-CD as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix comes out in june 1995 with a personal interpretation of four songs of the master.

In June 1996 the band plays support act for LYNYRD SKYNYRD at the "Cirque Royal" in Brussels and is still playing the Rockin' Blues everywhere.

The fifth CD has come out at the end of October 1998. "READY" is composed of fourteen original numbers, tainted with a strong boogie-rock influence. It has been produced by Jo Bogaert on label Rowyna Music. In May 99 support act for The Scorpions in Leuven.

Now in 2010, Gino Kesteloot and Marc Librecht are back together and start the band again !!!!!!!!!!!!


01 - It's All Right 03:46

02 - You Make Me Feel 03:28

03 - Mean Mean Girl 03:05

04 - Spleen Blues 04:39

05 - Wheel Of Love 03:48

06 - Rocking Chair 05:06

07 - One More Night 03:19

08 - Tex's Blues 03:05

09 - Got To Find A Woman 02:21

10 - Father Was A Rollilng Stone 04:01

11 - Hey Baby 05:56

12 - Heart Of Soul 00:46

13 - Stevie 03:45

14 - Give Me Money, Give Me Flouze 03:52

15 - Bad Boogie 03:24

TEX here:

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