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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Volker Strifler Band 2002 The Volker Strifler Band

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:57
Size: 123,39 MB

Germany United States

Album Notes

Though Volker was born and raised in Heidelburg, Germany he moved to the United States while in his early twenties. He wanted to get closer to the blues roots and to learn from the multitude of talented blues performers that could be found from coast to coast. He joined up with the Ford Blues Band in 1998 and though he continues to front his own band he has also become "the front man" for the FBB.

This solo release by Volker shows off his many talents. Not only is he a monster guitar player and first rate singer, he also writes most of the material on this recording. And this is real song writing, not just another set of twelve bar blues songs done at different tempos.

The songs and the performances will make you happy you took the time to check Volker out. And like Robben Ford you too will say, "This guy is serious!"


01 - Doggin'it 04:15

02 - Never Like This Before 03:43

03 - Struck By Lightning 03:02

04 - In Your Arms 05:13

05 - All Mighty Dollar 03:34

06 - Love 05:39

07 - I Smell Trouble 04:34

08 - Jpb 03:42

09 - Movin' On 03:43

10 - Heard It On The News 03:32

11 - Never Been To Spain 05:30

12 - Hell And Purgatory 04:25

13 - True Blue Thing 03:05

The Volker Strifler Band here:

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