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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Brew (UK) 2008 The Joker

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:15
Size: 87,57 MB

United Kingdom

The ingredients that make up this particular Brew are as follows. Take a young guitarist that is part Jimmy Page, part Stray's criminally underrated Del Bromham and a little Jimi Hendrix add an equally young drummer in the John Bonham mould and top it off with the drummer's dad who supplies some great vocals and plays a damn good bass. Take a pinch of blues, some large dollops of Cream, a heavy helping of Zeppelinesque classic rock, add some R & B and a few full on storming riffs and mix it all up. Take them out of Grimsby, put them on any stage for an hour and you have people falling off their chairs in collective ecstasy. Already voted 'Best Band' by magazines and already a regular on the European tour circuit The Brew have now released The Joker an eight track CD written by the trio and played by a band with massive potential.

In guitarist Jason Barwick they have a truly exceptional talent. He is young and impossibly good. The likes of this don't come around that often. Comparisons to Jimmy Page or Paul Kossoff should be made carefully, but this guy is exciting and deserves those types of accolades. Drummer Kurtis Smith attacks his kit like a machine gun in the hands of a professional marksman. Tim holds it together nicely with some dynamic bass lines and delivers vocals that totally suit what The Brew are doing.

At the Rock 'n' Blues Custom Show in the UK last year they were invited back to play for a second spot and that has never been done before. When they played the Maasboulevard Festival in Holland they received equally rave reviews one calling them the Holy Trinity. Hearing The Joker has helped revived my faith in British rock music. Since starting this Eurorock feature I have been invigorated by some quality bands and The Brew sit right up there blazing a very bright trail.

Jason is extraordinarily good but the band combine together so effectively that they generate enough power to light their own show. "Postcode Hero" kicks it off and oozes Cream class. As soon as Jason scorches in they have your undivided attention. "Lies" has a well worked light/dark texture to it. Delicate one minute, driving riff the next. Never overbearing, never pushing too hard – just a wonderfully effective track driven by Kurtis's powerful drumming. "The Joker" starts with a George W. Bush voice over - the sentiment of the track is obviously in its title – and has an excellent vocal delivery from Tim. "Dil Chahta Hai" maintains the quality."Hearts Desires" is more Stray than Stray – if you don't know who they were you really need to find out. It's a really good rock song, full stop.

Next up comes "Burt's Boogie" which I am sure is a centre piece for any live gig and has Kurtis doing an impressive sounding drum solo before Jason storms in like a freight train. "Break Free" and a slightly less effective "24 Hours (From Yesterday)" bring it all to an end. Or does it? Hang on in there for the extra track, opening with a little more George W. and some truly stunning guitar work from our young virtuoso. Unbelievably good.

The Joker is an exciting CD. When I was a teenager the world was full of what we now call Classic Rock – this CD made me feel that age again. The potential of the band is huge. Write more stuff like this and keep rocking the circuit and pretty soon The Brew will be even hotter. Take it from me that The Brew is a recipe well worth tasting. (


01 - Postcode Hero 03:35

02 - Lies 04:38

03 - The Joker 03:48

04 - Dil Chahta Hai 01:22

05 - Hearts Desire 05:01

06 - Burt's Boogie 06:20

07 - Break Free 05:25

08 - 24 Hours (From Yesterday) 08:06

The Brew (UK) here:

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Enjoy the music!

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