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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stefan Schill 2010 Don't Say A Word

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:43
Size: 95,42 MB


The easy way? It’s a path not taken by Stefan Schill. Just imagine what it would’ve looked like if he was playing by the rules, after having made a headstart with his bluesy debutalbum Don’t Say A Word at the tender age of 19. It let to raving reviews, praise in the most popular Dutch tv-talkshow and spots at festivals and gigs in the most prestigious venues. Not only in his native The Netherlands, but also in England, Germany, France and Scotland. A dream of every aspiring musician? For sure. The next step would have been to follow up this success with a record in the vein of his debut.

However, that plan is just not an option for him. It would have been too easy, and without any artistic challenge. So he continues to hone his chops, write new songs and develop his style in any way he feels like. It asks for perseverance, focus and an enormous amount of dedication, but he has no choice; his taste in music has simply changed since he grew up listening to his dads record collection.

Nothing shocking really, for a 21-year old eager to explore new grounds and work with other artists. A consequence of his boundless creativity is his new found love for photography, which makes him regularly put away his guitar and pick up a camera. Stefan: “I want to keep developing my creativity and am willing to make sacrifices to be able to do that. Like working at a gasstation to pay the rent, so I can fulfill my musical goals in my spare time.”

On stage is where he feels at home. “It’s the only place where everything comes together. When I’m on stage I’m free from any influences from outside and I can do as I please. If everything goes well you feel a sense of extreme happiness. A very addictive feeling.” His fans agree. It lead to journalists write sentences like “Stefans music is diverse, daring and it makes his audience extatic. He has a truly unique sound and every song is full of energy.” Another writer wrote “his talent is undeniable, his guitarskills soulful and sharp as a knife”.

Anyone trying to pinpoint his style will have a hard time doing so. Good luck trying to find common ground between his current inspirations, ranging from D’Angelo, The Tallest Man On Earth to Muse and Prince (who he covered for tv-show De Wereld Draait Door Recordings). “Super inspiring” are the words he uses to describe their concerts. It made him reach for his guitar and never want to stop playing. Because that’s what it’s all about, in the end. “You have to keep making music with the same feeling and hunger you had the very first time you picked up a guitar. To keep that spirit alive I have to take risks in my music. I need to follow my own path and don’t want to be claimed by a particular genre. For me, there would be something totally wrong if I would know now where I’ll be in five years time. I just keep following my heart and trust my guts and creativity.”


01 - Any Direction 03:49

02 - Don't Say A Word 04:28

03 - Take On My Beliefs 04:51

04 - Just Not Today 03:46

05 - U Don't Mind 03:34

06 - Gone By Tomorrow 04:35

07 - Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere 05:37

08 - Game Called Love 03:37

09 - It's Gonna Be Alright 04:32

10 - Last Goodbye 02:54

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