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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stocks 1983 Eclats De Rock

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:01
Size: 32,08 MB



Christophe Marquilly - vocals, guitars
Arnauld Delbarre - bass
Bobby Lucini - bass


One of the harder rocking acts to originate from France, with one foot firmly in the boogie department judging from this, their second and last album to that point. Stocks was formed by Marquilly in 1980, with a different lineup to the one that played on 'Eclats De Rock', with Marquilly the only permanent member. Stocks acheived a certain amount of media publicity when their 1982 debut 'Enregistre En Public' was recorded in a live setting, a strange move but one that paid off handsomely as the album made them one of France's top rock acts, although how much of a feat that is I'm unsure. Stocks signed to powerhouse CBS for 'Eclats De Rock', and with Delbarre and Lucini added to the group the band was seemingly poised to break the US market. Were those my words? Surely not.

The Songs

That's not to say Stocks did not deserve a big break, only French acts never have made the leap and Stocks like most French acts used their native language for their songs, which really doesn't dilute the music, but naturally wouldn't go down a treat in the US market. This doesn't stop 'C'est Bel Et Bien Fini' from being a classic example of full steam boogie, the riffs planted in the Status Quo camp, demolishing Stocks own heroes ZZ Top I might add. Great twelve bar riffing and by far the heaviest rocker on offer. Much of the album seems restrained by comparison, opener 'Elle Me Voit Pas' a good hard rock cut nevertheless. 'Je Vais Craquer' toys with some highly melodic guitar work that almost had me fooled into thinking it was a keyboard effect, and this shows the band had an ear for AOR harmonies. Blues ridden 'Flash Back' is an obvious ode to ZZ Top, Stocks being France's own Texas sludge merchants indeed, and several tracks pursue this grindingly slow Southern manner, some working, some not. 'Le Walkman' does indeed go the AOR route, somehow predictable, but very well handled, and with helpings of tasty guitar licks I'd go as far to say that this seems more natural than the boogie flirtations.

In Summary

This is certainly a gem worth scouring for. Stocks themselves recorded one more album in 1986 that was never released but the band reformed in various guises over the ensuing years and to the best of my knowledge recorded a new studio album earlier this decade with the above lineup. Why the band split in the first place I am unable to relate, the translated English pages of various Stocks sources making as much sense as the last Survivor album. For those wanting to know how effective French rock could often be this is a fine starting point. The great country really could rock as hard as anyone. Believe it. (


01 - Elle Me Voit Pas 03:53

02 - Le Walkman 04:14

03 - Le Bistrot 02:40

04 - Flash Back 02:59

05 - Je Vais Craquer 03:53

06 - L'indépendant 03:27

07 - La Tête À L'envers 04:06

08 - La Nuit Est Tombée 03:02

09 - Elle Aime Le Boogie 02:39

10 - C'est Bel Et Bien Fini 04:08

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