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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Rhythm Chiefs 2008 Ships Of Wonder

Genre: Blues
Rate: 197 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:56
Size: 76,06 MB


The Rhythm Chiefs are often referred to as the youngest blues band in The Netherlands, but they have passed that stage by now, both musically and age-wise. Founded in 2003 and now with an average age of only 17, there is no doubt though that The Rhythm Chiefs are very skillful players, leaving many musicians twice their age green with envy. They may well be the most talented young roots act in the Benelux countries or even further.

Musically it's not strictly the blues anymore either as they tend to blend in some country, bluegrass, rock 'n roll, rockabilly, as well as hints of jazz and funk.

Both guitar player and vocalist, Dusty, and bass player Danny, are at college studying music/production, while drummer Rafael started studying at the Rotterdam Conservatorium in September 2007.

The Rhythm Chiefs have already been guests on national and regional radio and performed at numerous festivals in The Netherlands and elsewhere. Audiences are regularly amazed at what these boys already achieve at this young age. 2007 Saw their first international tour - in Poland - the highlight of which was playing at the Thanks Jimi Festival in Wroclaw with around 17,000 visitors and many more thousands online via a live webcast.

In 2006 they drew the attention of Cool Buzz, who offered them a record deal in 2007 after having seen them perform on various occasions. Recordings for their debut album took place at the Silvester Studio of Erik Spanjers in the autumn that year, resulting in "Ships Of Wonder" that will be released early March 2008.

The album consist of originals and one cover and was produced by Mischa den Haring (T-99).


01 - High Water 03:37

02 - Gone Ridin' 04:19

03 - Tell Me 03:55

04 - Ships Of Wonder 05:48

05 - Five More Miles 03:55

06 - Break That Bottle 03:07

07 - Tribute To Jimmy B 01:52

08 - The Buzz 04:56

09 - Please Don't Love Me 03:08

10 - It Wasn't Me 03:16

11 - What's Your Color 04:00

12 - Here Comes The Rain Again 02:51

13 - Looky There 03:15

14 - Chiefs 05:57

The Rhythm Chiefs here:



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