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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Forrest McDonald 1999 Spirit Of The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:34
Size: 101,49 MB

United States

McDonald's "Spirit", though released in '99, carries a feel of traditional quality. The opening song "That's My Baby" churns with a boogie woogie piano opening, and the voice of Raymond Victor, that is soul shaking. This entire disc weaves in varying directions of Blues, in a nearly "How-to" fashion. World Talent Records is a fresh independent label, and this self produced effort rings of simple meat and potatoes recording methods mixed with current technology, making a fine palette for the wide array of Blues styles covered here.

The disc sleeve doesn't mention who wrote the songs, but it does mention the names of the talented musicians performing on the recording. They are Forrest McDonald on guitar and vocals, Raymond Victor-lead vocals and keyboards, Diane Dutra-bass, "Cap" Capdeville-drums and Dave Parnell-saxophone and vocals. McDonald executes clean licks with great feel and emphasis on tone. Combined with the Raymond Victor Band makes on wonder when they might be playing nearby. An interesting piece of trivia this reviewer discovered, Forrest McDonald performed the solo on Bob Seger's classic hit "Old Time Rock'n'Roll!" (copyright © 2001 by Minnesota Max Tomoson, and Blues On Stage)


Forrest McDonald: guitar and vocals
Raymond Victor: lead vocals and keyboards
Diane Dutra: bass
"Cap" Capdeville: drums
Dave Parnell: saxophone and vocals


01 - That's My Baby 04:32

02 - Anchor To A Drowning Man 04:42

03 - Texas 05:32

04 - People I'm Hurting 05:58

05 - Love Me In The Morning 03:22

06 - Cry No More 04:07

07 - If You Don't Really Love Me 04:27

08 - Take Me To The Country 04:48

09 - Ride My Buggy 04:13

10 - Lazy Old Woman 03:12

11 - Hard To Lose 03:43

12 - Whiskey 04:21

13 - Rock This House 04:37

Forrest McDonald here:



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