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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Damned & Dirty 2012 The Damned & Dirty

Genre: Blues
Rate: 257 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:28
Size: 68,92 MB


Gritty delta blues with screaming slide guitar, raw vocals and wailing blues harp.

Playing in a band kicks ass. Writing songs for a band is pretty sweet too, but sometimes you write a song that just doesn't work out in a full-blown band. So when most of their band mates in BluesMotel were on vacation, Kevin de Harde and Micha Sprenger, responsible for writing almost every song for the band, decided to write some songs for something new. That's how The Damned and Dirty was born.

After a couple of weeks of writing they were ready. On August 1st they joined engineers Erwin Palper and Frank de Jong at 20Twelve Audio to start recording. Frank van TIjn, BluesMotel's drummer joined them for a couple of songs. Two days of studio time later they had recorded 13 songs. On of these was written for them by their good friend Eddy Gartry (of Blues State 'UK' fame).

The 13 tracks are all acoustic, only some of them having a touch of drums and/or bass. Gritty delta blues with screaming slide guitar, beautiful ballads, uptempo fun, The Damned and Dirty have tried to incorporate multiple styles into this album.

The album is available for free (that's right!) on SoundCloud and BandCamp and is also available on iTunes, Spotify and other online music stores if you're inclined to help them pay costs. In a further attempt to undermine current copyright laws, The Damned and Dirty is released under a Creative Commons License that allows anyone to use their music. This means it is permitted to create derivative works and even make money of those works as long as it is correctly attributed and released under the same license ('share alike').

More info on

Awarded "Best Dutch Blues Album 2012" by the Dutch Blues Foundation.


Kevin de Harde: Vocals and harmonica
Micha Sprenger: Acoustic (slide) guitar, backing vocals
Frank van Tijn: Drums


01 - Mr. Highway Man 02:13

02 - 2am In The Morning 02:03

03 - John The Evil Homeopath 02:30

04 - Feel Like Crying 03:12

05 - Girl Wants A Pink Car 02:24

06 - The Boom Boom Club 02:49

07 - When The Devil's Got Your Name 02:36

08 - Communist Guitar 02:47

09 - Dementia 02:47

10 - Family Blues 02:45

11 - Country Shizzle 02:12

12 - Little Black Book 02:55

13 - Soliloquy 02:09

14 - You Were Lyin' (Bonus Track) 02:24

15 - Tin Foil Hat (Bonus Track) 02:42

The Damned & Dirty here:

Download (even in FLAC!)

Thank you Micha for your informations and links. An announcement of the release-party to your new album will follow soon!

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