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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Juke Joints 2001 Live In Ireland

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:35
Size: 86,55 MB


On this new album ”Live in Ireland” all styles of blues are represented, from the acoustic Big Bill Broonzy´s ”Bankers Blues”and ledbelly´s ” Out On The Western Plain”, both firm favourites of Rory Gallagher and ”Going To My Hometown” on which Peter Kempe, the band´s lead vocalist, steps out from behind the drums to play the mandolin.

The Juke Joints have recorded three live albums so far, and five studio albums, and now this, their latest, was recorded in my country Ireland! Although they have toured Ireland several times, it was only this year on their 4th trip to Ireland, with lots of their loyal fans travelling with them, that they finally made it to JJ Smyth´s, Dublin´s ”home of the blues”, where to of the tracks for this project were recorded and indeed my first time to see them live. I knew it was going to be a great night of blues, that night last March when they opened up with ”The Blues Had A Baby”, the Kilkenny version is on this CD, other recordings took place in Myrtleville, Youghal and Midleton.

The opener ”Soul On Fire” is a new original that swings along, Boogie Mike contributing a fine guitar solo as does Sonnyboy on the harmonica, good solid bassguitar too from Peter van Merode and check out the Zydeco flavoured original ”Don´t Give It Up” with Sonnyboy this time switching to the accordion that he bought in Dublin.

Well if you´ve been sitting down, which I doubt, while this CD´s been playing in the background, ”My Baby” is sure to have you up dancing, as will Dave Alvin´s ”So Long Baby, Goodbye”, the closing track on the album.

Of course all you Juke Joint fans know that the best way to enjoy their music is to see them perform live and failing that, well, you´re holding the next best thing in your hand: ”Live In Ireland”. (Charlie Hussey)


01 - Soul On Fire 04:22

02 - Don't Give It Up 03:19

03 - Blues Had A Baby 05:57

04 - Humping To Please 03:22

05 - Youghal Song 04:20

06 - Bankers Blues 03:16

07 - Going To My Hometown 04:56

08 - Mojo Hand 03:15

09 - Calling Card 06:35

10 - Out On The Western Plain 05:06

11 - My Baby 04:08

12 - So Long Baby, Goodbye 04:59

The Juke Joints here:



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