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Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Never" released 1980 MOSE JONES Album Lost / Found!

Hi everyone! We are Steve McRay and Marvin Taylor, former members of the 70's/80's Southern Rock band MOSE JONES. After much thought, we have decided to use Kickstarter to humbly ask YOU to join our campaign and help us launch our dream project, entitled "Lost / Found"! Watch the video and keep reading to learn more!

Awesome songs and sounds from this Atlanta band's 1980's album that was never released. Listen to one of our songs that will be on the LOST / FOUND CD. Randy Lewis on lead vocal (this is Randy doing what he used to do, belting out a song!!) "Dead End Street" (Buie/Lewis/McRay)

Please, share this project with your friends (Facebook, Twitter, email, phone calls, snail mail, carrier pigeons, on horseback, pack mules in the mountains, camels in the desert...ok, got carried away). But yes, we need all the support we can get!! Thank You!

Steve McRay and Marvin Taylor.

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