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Friday, February 7, 2014

Brownsville Station 1973 Yeah

Genre: Rock
Rate: 237 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:30:45
Size: 55,19 MB

United States

With ten great songs, Yeah! is an album that lives up to its name -- quite possibly the only fully realized LP the band ever made. Eight covers, all given the treatment, and two originals -- one of which sold two million copies. Yeah! is the quintessential "nice little record" -- it won't take up a lot of your time, and it's got a very friendly vibe to it. The cover songs span a wide variety of musical styles, which isn't that surprising, considering that guitarist/vocalist Cub Koda has a deep knowledge of music history.

From Hoyt Axton's "Lightning Bar Blues" to then-unknown Jimmy Cliff's "Let Your Yeah Be Yeah" to Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane," the band pumps out all of its songs in a chugging, lighthearted manner that ends up being nothing but fun. Lead vocals were previously the exclusive domain of bassist Michael Lutz, but Koda emerges as a singer as well; Lutz may have been the more prototypical rock singer, but it was Koda's sleazy, nasal snarl that worked to perfection on the classic hit single "Smokin' In the Boys Room." While the success of "Smokin" opened a lot of doors for the band, it also pigeonholed them in such a way as to render them almost un-arrestable only a couple of years later. Between their wild onstage antics and the fact that the follow-up album, School Punks, was a blatant attempt at cashing in, the band lost a lot of the credibility they had earned by playing straight-ahead rock & roll. Although Brownsville Station would never again capture the magic here, Yeah! easily stands the test of time -- it's truly delightful. (


Cub Koda: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Michael Lutz: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Henry "H Bomb" Weck: Drums, Vocals


01 - Question Of Temperature 03:32

02 - Lightnin' Bar Blues 02:53

03 - Take It Or Leave It 03:01

04 - All Night Long 02:56

05 - Let Your Yeah Be Yeah 03:37

06 - Sweet Jane 03:02

07 - Love, Love, Love 02:55

08 - Go Out And Get Her 02:56

09 - Barefootin' 02:56

10 - Smokin' In The Boys Room 02:57

Brownsville Station here:



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