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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trucker Mouth 2008 Trucker Mouth

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:42
Size: 81,90 MB

United States

“That's some Trucker Mouth, you got there, boy!” No, they ain't talking about my foul language, but about the new CD by Trucker Mouth that I've got crankin' in my sound system! When I opened the package containing this Boston-based, quartet's self-titled album, the first thing I noticed was their impressive cover art. I realize this has nothing to do with the music but I'm sure any red-blooded, American male will agree that more bands need to adopt Trucker Mouth's artistic direction.

The next thing that came to mind when I loaded this CD into my player was how much this band sounded like the Black Crowes. Tim Atkins' vocal track on “Nothing To Hide” along with guitar partner, Chad Raleigh, most certainly grabs the spirit of the Crowes' Robinson brothers and takes it to the next level. Straight ahead rockers like “Take Me Home”, “Jimmy Lee”, and “Degenerate Friend” showcases their own style of Boston-based, gritty, rock-n-roll. And for all those slide lovers out there, check out “Black Cat”, “Likeness”, and especially, “Love & a Shotgun.” On the latter, the presence of Duane Allman is highly felt, practically channeled from beyond.

A truly tasty track is “For The Take.” The combination between acoustic and electric guitars make this one of my favorite tunes on the disc. Not an easy choice with so many to chose from! Bass player, Joe Landry, really shines on the song “Sugar Brown” and drummer, Patrick Barrett, is solid throughout. This band is definitely on its way and this is a very strong debut and you can buy it from the band for $10. Free U.S. shipping included. From what I've heard, they are currently working on a new album. I have no doubt that Trucker Mouth is gonna put the petal to the metal and give us another winner! (Keith Stefanec)


01 - Black Cat 04:50

02 - Nothing To Hide 04:48

03 - Likeness 04:44

04 - Love & Shotgun 05:13

05 - Take Me Home 05:46

06 - Jimmy Lee 02:49

07 - For The Take 05:04

08 - Sugar Brown 05:23

09 - Wasted Mind 05:40

10 - Simple Things 05:47

11 - Lithography 04:53

12 - Degenerate Friend 04:45

Trucker Mouth here:


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