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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fat 1976 Footloose

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:33
Size: 88,16 MB

United States

Six years after the release of the debut album, Fat returned with their self-financed 1976 sophomore set – “Footloose”. Produced by Ed Begley and released on their own Dream Merchant label, the album found the band trying to adapt to changing public tastes. With the exception of ‘Footloose and Fancy Free’ and ‘Dirty Money’ which judging by the songwriting credits were apparently older Fat MK I selections, much of the album reflected a mixture of more commercial and polished, mid-1970s AOR sounds.

These guys were too talented to turn in a horrible album and if you could get over their more commercial leanings, tracks like bar band rocker ‘Down Home Girl’ and ‘Get It While It’s Hot’ certainly weren’t bad. ‘Course, the lite-jazzy instrumental ‘Bistro City’ was almost criminal. Peter Newland’s voice and smart songwriting remained the band’s strengths (okay, the country-Caribbean lilted ‘Highway Angel’ was pretty bad, but this time around songwriting chores were shared across the whole group, diluting the overall effect.

The overall effect was that of a group trying to cover all of their bases living in fear they might not get a third change. Say 50% enjoyable, which meant it wasn’t nearly as stunning as the debut. Not a real rarity, but finding a copy in decent shape is surprisingly difficult to locate. (RDTEN1 RYM)


01 - Footloose And Fancy Free 03:51

02 - Dirty Money 03:48

03 - Highway Angel 04:03

04 - Bistro City 03:56

05 - Down Home Girl 03:38

06 - Get It While It's Hot 06:39

07 - (You Make Me) Nervous 05:00

08 - It Was An Elegant Time 03:50

09 - Immediate Woman 03:48

Fat here:


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