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Monday, February 10, 2014

Corby Yates 2001 Corby Yates

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:58
Size: 127,95 MB

United States

In a world full of imitations of this or that style, Corby Yates is a man with his own unique musical voice. Listen to the words of this song and gain a glimpse of the artist in his element. I have been a fan of Picasso more because he was a man with a unique voice. Though I paraphrase, Picasso said in effect, it is easy to be an artist in this or that style and imitate the work of others, but to have your own style and your own voice is not easy to do.

Corby Yates and family have assembled eleven songs, six original works and five from other artists. Two of the eleven songs are in tribute to some of the musicians that inspired Corby, "Testify" and "I Hear My Train a'Comin". The first was also recorded on Stevie Ray Vaughan's first studio release and the second from Jimi Hendrix. Listen closely and you will find a "picasso" on the guitar, a man playing his soul out not in imitation of others that have been before, but an uncommon man on common ground with a musical voice of his own, a style that is reminiscent of what has been only much, much more.

Corby's story is more than just his own. With his father, Jim Yates on bass and Andy Doerschuk on drums, the three together are more than the sum of their individual parts. Like grandpa's spaghetti sauce it gains complexity of flavor with age. Even if you have the recipe it's never quite the same unless grandpa makes it. Somehow he loves the sauce and because he loves what he does it just tastes better. These guys love the blues. The music has that complexity of flavors, like grandpa's sauce, the more you eat the more you'll enjoy the flavors.

Buy it and try it, sauce up your life a little with this jewel. If you love the blues and/or you have them on occasion, this is just what the doctor ordered.


01 - Back From Yesterday 04:51

02 - Pretty As A Flower 03:45

03 - Te Ni Nee Ni Nu 03:27

04 - I Ain't Superstitious 06:10

05 - Salty Pain 04:54

06 - Too Sorry 03:17

07 - Hurtin' Inside 05:49

08 - Testify 04:27

09 - Common Ground 04:16

10 - Maybe Next Time 05:01

11 - Hear My Train A Comin' 10:01

Corby Yates here:


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Corby could be a spiritual medium for the Spirit of Jimi (Hendrix).

"Fly on my sweet angel..."

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